Do I have Lipedema?

“I have fat legs and would like to know whether I have lipedema”

Despite clear symptoms, half of all women affected suffer for around a decade until being diagnosed with lipedema; for around a quarter of them, it can take as long as 30 years!
According to recent studies (Földi, Marshall und Schwahn-Schreiber), lipedema affects up to 10 % of all women in Germany, which means it can be classed as an epidemic. However, doctors are less familiar with the condition and how to recognise than the many women affected by the disease, who can now exchange information and research the condition online.

Many of the patients who come to us for a consultation have already been diagnosed with lipedema by a specialist, such as a phlebologist, vascular surgeon or GP. These specialists can also use ultrasound and clinical tests to rule out other possible causes. It is also important to distinguish lipedema from lymphoedema. If you also suffer from varicose veins, these must be treated prior to any lipedema surgery. After receiving a prescription for compression garments and lymph drainage, you will, as a rule, be referred to an experienced lipedema surgeon, who can explain more effective forms of treatment.

Check: The following 10 factors point to lipedema:
  1. History: Have you had ‘fat legs’ since puberty?
  2. Skin: Does the skin feel rough and lumpy?
  3. Fat distribution: Is fat distributed symmetrically at the sides of the hips and thighs?
  4. Hands and feet: Typically, these are not affected?
  5. Pain: Do you suffer from swelling and sensitivity to touch?
  6. Progression: Was there an increase in volume during pregnancy?
  7. Sport and Diet: Physical activity and a healthy diet do not have any effect?
  8. Bruising: HDo you often have bruises without knowing what caused them?
  9. Hereditary: Do any other family members suffer from swelling of the extremities?
  10. Physicians: Have you already consulted several doctors without the desired result?

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least 5 of these questions, we recommend that you see a specialist for a diagnosis.

For advice on surgical treatment options, contact a specialist lipedema surgery clinic.


An average of 10% of all women in Germany suffer from lipedema


It takes an average of 10 years for a diagnosis to be made


med-plast Berlin performs up to 100 lipedema surgeries per month

Stop the progression of the disease!

Alleviate your symptoms!
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